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Our Printed Cookbook is here!

"It's not nutritious if they won't eat it" is the motto that guides us at Pisanick Partners. We've worked with hundreds of nutrition professionals across the country helping them develop recipes and menus that their audiences will love.

These audiences mostly consist of children who are notoriously picky eaters and who do not LOVE novelty, variety, or new foods.

We lovingly accept this challenge.

Over the years we've crafted hundreds of kid-tested recipes - which are easy to source and easy for our school nutrition pros to craft with the simplest kitchen equipment.

In this book, you'll find some of our old favorites - as well as several brand-new recipes that we've developed alongside kids in the kitchen and with the input of some of our local
nutrition pros.

Each recipe is crafted for you to test out with your family at home - with a scaled-up version that you can use in your school kitchen and cafeteria.

We look forward to you cooking up these recipes with us.

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