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Dignitaries Converge on William Foster to View GHCS’s Breakfast in the Classroom Program

William Foster Elementary School was host to a number of important partners of the Garfield Heights City Schools. These partners have all helped make possible a new breakfast program in the district that is being piloted at William Foster and is intended to be offered at all buildings next school year.

The breakfast program offers students food selection options, including pancakes, yogurt, fruit, sausage and other nutritious choices. Guests from Children’s Hunger Alliance, who helped supply the GHCS with funding for the program, joined district administrators and supporters from the Ohio Education Association to watch the daily routine of students selecting breakfast and taking it to their rooms to eat.

On any given day at William Foster, more than 450 students out of nearly 700 total students in the building participate in the program, according to building principal Sean Patton.

District Treasurer and Director of Business Services Al Sluka welcomed Gail Wilson and Erica Sevilla from the Children’s Hunger Alliance, Scott DiMauro from the Ohio Education Association, and Sarah Carlson and Maureen Pisanick from Pisanick Partners, the district’s food nutrition consultants, for remarks and a presentation in which he introduced the cafeteria staff to a room full of people.

Superintendent Terry Olszewski thanked all of these individuals for attending, and shared the amazing statistic, that through yesterday, the GHCS has served 241,276 lunches this year and 167,308 breakfasts.

Special thanks to the people who help to prepare the meals, and thank you to everyone who participated at this special event.

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