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Pisanick Speaks at Annual Nutrition Conference!

Amid wrapping up the school year, the Pisanick team was honored to be asked to speak at the 97TH annual Ohio Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (OAND) conference. Nicole, Sarah and Christina traveled to Columbus to share their expertise on all things School Nutrition 2.0: Best in Practice. The timing of the conference was impeccable given that the entire Pisanick team was still reeling from the excitement of the Child Nutrition Summit, held just one week prior.

The content of this presentation revolved around our Plan Your Purpose mission. Nicole kicked off the presentation by introducing Pisanick Partners and the mindset behind School Nutrition 2.0. Christina continued the conversation teaching about the Smarter Lunchroom concept and what it means to give students choice. During this part of the presentation, she also discussed making the cafeteria an extension of the classroom, and how to brand and market your menu. Sarah continued with our impact of fighting food insecurity; focusing on our Breakfast in the Classroom efforts and the statistical impact this effort has made.

Nicole stepped back in to wrap up the presentation with our sustainability efforts, and buying local. There was no better way to close the discussion than with an overview of what tied these missions together – the CN Summit! Nicole gave a wonderful overview of all that was accomplished and the impact that was made.

Sarah, Nicole and Christina were thrilled to share what we do with other nutrition and dietetic professionals. It sounds like their peers equally enjoyed the presentation! On a scale of 0-5, their presentation scored the following:

  • The information useful: 4.13

  • The presentation organized: 4.25

  • The material well presented: 4.13

We are always honored to speak to schools, parents, students, peers and other professionals. On to the next…!

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