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The Pisanick Team took a road trip to Columbus for the massive GFS convention! We were on a nutrition mission, seeking out all things LOCAL, SUSTAINABLE and CLEAN LABEL. We started off the morning at the food show where we networked with colleagues and tasted some delicious food. The big winner for us was a brand new, clean label, Lentil Pasta! We tried it in a cold and hot application. It's expected to be ready for K12 next year, and we'll be waiting with bated breath - and a fork.

We also introduced ourselves to THRIVE Coffee. Their entire platform is focused around sustainability and supporting the farmers who produce the product. They believe their farmers are PEOPLE, not suppliers. They have a unique revenue-sharing platform which makes a positive impact on the farmers' livelihood by ensuring stable and predictable wages. Read more at https://www.thrivefarmers.com/.

We'll keep you updated on the possibility of a future partnership with THRIVE!

After being energized and motivated by another amazing Ken Wasco presentation, we spent the lunch hour hosted by Sandridge Corporation where we tasted soups, salad concepts, and a delicious bar concept which would be perfect for an adult menu. In addition to breakfast and lunch for the kiddos, we're always brainstorming value-add programs such as catering for your district or adult participation!

This trip was successful and efficient in prepping for our October 12 professional development day. Seating is limited so reserve your spot now!


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