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Making the cafeteria an extension of the classroom with CoreLife Eatery. #ChangeYourLunchChangeYourL

Are you looking for wholesome, organic, and scratch-made fast food? Well, CoreLife Eatery is the place to go!

Pisanick Partners, LLC strives to create learning opportunities for the students we serve each and every day. We do this in our cafeteria lines as well as partnering with classroom teachers to take a field trip to local food service establishments in our area.

Woodridge High School students had the opportunity to visit CoreLife Eatery where they learned about the company and the fresh, organic, and scratch-made foods that are served as well as learning "healthy" vocabulary. The students got a tour of the facility, as well as an opportunity to taste some of the foods served including their in-house pickled cabbage, fresh-made beverages, and antibiotic-free protein options! The students loved it and were interested in having a similar meal available for lunch at school!

CoreLife Eatery prides themselves on serving all foods:

- GMO Free

- No Trans Fat

- Antibiotic-Free

- No High Fructose Corn Syrup

- No Artificial Colors or Flavors

- Hand Crafted

What an awesome experience for these students! Wholesome and fresh foods are becoming more and more popular! Exposing these students to a company who prides themselves on serving healthful foods was so beneficial and a great learning experience for all!

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