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Save Time and Money - Eat Breakfast and Lunch for FREE at School!

Who wouldn’t love saving time AND money while also knowing your child is receiving a balanced meal? Here are four reasons as to why you should make the switch from packing to eating lunch for your student!

Balanced and healthy meals are always provided. Every school must follow specific protocols to ensure that balanced meals are given to each student that walks through the cafeteria line. The five components of a meal are: meat/meat alternate, grains, fruits, veggies, and dairy. In order for a meal to be free, students must receive at least three out of these five components (as their diet allows), providing them a balanced meal.

Balanced and healthy meals are essential for students, as they are proven to help with attention and energy levels in the classroom.

  • Milk options usually include 1% low-fat white milk or fat-free chocolate milk.

  • Main entrees usually have a meat/meat alternate component and grain component.

  • Side dish contains ½ cup of fresh fruit and/or ½ cup of fresh vegetables.

Eating lunch at school saves time. It’s no secret that parents are busy and overworked, especially during those hectic mornings before school. Relying on the school to provide your child with a healthful meal means not having to take time out of your chaotic morning to pack their lunch! This will allow you to spend more time with your child before school, get some extra sleep, or spend time doing a hobby of yours.

Eating lunch at school saves money. Groceries are expensive, especially when you have hungry and growing kids to feed. Without adding those extra foods to your grocery list to make your packed lunches, your grocery bill can significantly decrease… and who wouldn’t love that?! It’s also no secret that the pandemic has caused a financial burden on many families, which is why taking advantage of free school meals is a great way to save money.

Promotes independence and decision making. Navigating through the cafeteria line to decide on a lunch provides a sense of independence and responsibility in the student. It is beneficial to provide the opportunity for students to pick lunch based on cravings or hunger, as it will likely improve their mood for the rest of the school day.

There is no need to add money to your students account while lunches are free! Have your student start receiving their free, healthy, and yummy meals today!

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