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Flavor, Versatility, Delivery - Professional Standards Training Series

Looking for a way to complete your entire staff’s annual professional hours in a fun, innovative, and

informative way??? Pisanick Partners, LLC can help with that! Our dietetic consulting company has

developed four “Back to School Bootcamps” in August, geared to helping YOU start your year off right!

We are partnering with the Cuyahoga County Board of Health to help provide Turn-Key solutions to the new label laws, as well as partnering with Nestle Executive Chefs who will demonstrate techniques to incorporate Mise En Place to be efficient in preparing FLAVOR infused entrees each week. And if that wasn’t enough, in the afternoon, there will be breakout session that will allow attendees the ability to have hands-on training on the new “GFS Next Gen” Ordering System and walk a NEW type of food show - GFS is partnering with brokers and PPLLC to provide a “Concept Show”. What is a Concept Show? See how our team of dietitians creates turnkey recipe and menu ideas that will have you leaving with new strategies featuring the latest K-12 products on the market!

Lunch will also be provided! Each attendee will also leave with a customized certificate, coded with the USDA Professional standards codes, Pisanick Partners approved recipes and copies of all the presentations provided. Click on the link below for more details!

Space is limited! To sign up click on the URL below and fill out the form today! Hope to see you in


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