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A Trip to Nestle Headquarters

The Pisanick Partners team was invited to the Nestle corporate building in Solon, Ohio. The team was able to meet with Chef George from Nestle to talk about Global on Trend Flavor, Local/Sustainability and Clean Label products.

Did you know that the basil for Nestle pesto is harvested from Green City Growers right in our backyard of Cleveland? How cool to see a large, corporate company value local produce and support the local economy in a such a huge way!

The team was able to taste some up and coming global on trend flavor concentrates that we can easily incorporate into our school lunches to take school lunch trays to the next level. The students are savvy consumers and will enjoy the variety of flavor profiles offered by this flavor concentrates.

The Pisanick Partners also had the chance to sample vinegar varieties from around the world, even one that was over 100 years old! What a cool experience! Whoever said school lunch is boring as never hung out with us!

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