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Kicking Off Back-to-School with Tallmadge!

It's official! The tide is turning from all things fun in the sun to back-to-school! The Pisanick team kicked off the back-to-school trainings with Tallmadge City School District. While our whole team was on site to offer helping hands, Nicole led the day which was filled with new product sampling, an in-depth HAACP training, and the highlight of the day - an immersive culinary training! Employees from all buildings came together to make - from scratch! - new recipes that we developed over the summer! The kitchen smelled like a summer garden. The fresh aroma and beautiful colors were offered up by the fresh and LOCAL produce from Farm Fare! What was on the menu, you ask? Lemon Caesar Pasta Salad with Kale, Pork Banh Mi Lettuce Wraps and Sandwiches, and Peaches N' Cream for dessert! As an added treat, Michelle from Acosta created a Chipotle style bar with CLEAN LABEL shredded beef and pork from JTM. Other highlights included Tom from General Mills who sampled their new chocolate or grape stuffed crescent rolls and refreshing yogurt based coffee drink, and Roger from GFS who introduced their SUSTAINABLE line of disposables. A special thank you to all of our vendors and partners for helping to make this such a great day. These trainings are only as good as the team we are working with, so a BIG shout out to the foodservice team at Tallmadge. Your eagerness, and willingness to learn and dive right in made this event the success that it was!

So, one of the many perks of being a dietitian in school foodservice - we NEVER go hungry!

Take a look...

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