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Lorain County Gets Highlighted by ODE!

The ODE highlighted one of our partner's success stories in the ODE Updates. Pisanick Partners, in conjunction with Lorain Community Action Agency Head Start, is committed to making its food service program an extension of the classroom. “Try days” have been implemented into the center’s routine to encourage students and families to taste and try new foods. Healthy food items like chickpeas, grapefruit, lentils, butternut squash and purple cabbage have been introduced to children. Prior to the try day, the food item is sent to the classroom for teachers to utilize in classroom engagement activities. Teachers introduce the food through activities such as sprouting lentils and using chickpeas for sensory play and art projects. Then, students sample the food in the classroom on the try day with “tasters” being awarded with the title of “Try Day Champions!” Taste tests run in the lobbies of their buildings during morning drop off times on the designated try day. Parents are invited to participate, provide feedback, enter a drawing for a prize (such as a hand mixer) and receive recipes and resources that support trying new foods. In order to get kids and families excited, we promote tasting events with posters, announcement, emails and in the Head Start newsletter. Take a look at the fun!

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