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A Feast of Gratitude: Honoring Food Service Workers This Thanksgiving

By: Maureen Pisanick, RD, LD

As Thanksgiving approaches, the air is filled with the delightful sounds of gratitude, and our hearts swell with appreciation for the many blessings we've received throughout the year. Before we break to gather with family and friends to celebrate the season of thanks, it's essential to extend our heartfelt gratitude to those often behind the scenes—the dedicated food service workers who make our everyday school feasts possible.

Cheers to the Unsung Heroes!

In the bustling world of cafeterias, there exists a group of unsung heroes—the food service workers. Often our team's tireless efforts go unnoticed. This Thanksgiving, let's shine a light on these individuals whose passion for food enriches our lives and those of the children we serve!

The Culinary Craftsmen:

Imagine a Thanksgiving without the mouthwatering turkey, the perfectly mashed potatoes, or the decadent pies. As we hug our loved ones that help prepare not only our meals, but cherished memories as a family, let us first think of our school families. Behind every culinary delight are skilled cooks who pour their creativity and expertise into every dish. This Thanksgiving, take a moment to appreciate the artistry and dedication of these culinary craftsmen who turn ordinary ingredients into extraordinary feasts in all of our homes - especially our school homes!

The Frontline Servers:

A warm smile, attentive service, and a friendly demeanor—these are the qualities that make any dining experience memorable. Servers and cashiers in the front-of-house work tirelessly to ensure our meals are not just delicious but also served with a side of hospitality. Express your gratitude to these individuals who transform a simple meal into a cherished memory.

Behind the Scenes:

Beyond the visible faces in the cafeteria, there's a whole team working diligently behind the scenes. Every dishwasher, cleaning staff, and administrative staff contributes significantly to the seamless functioning of any food service department. This Thanksgiving, let's acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of those who keep the gears turning, ensuring our operations run smoothly and safely.

Navigating Challenges:

We especially appreciate our workforce in their dedication despite facing staffing shortages. Our staff have navigated through turbulent times and continue providing students fuel to learn and grow. As we sit down to our Thanksgiving feasts, let's remember and appreciate their resilience and commitment.

This Thanksgiving, let gratitude be the centerpiece of our celebrations.

Take a moment to express your appreciation to our food service workers who play an integral role in making all feasts memorable - not only at our holiday tables, but in every cafeteria and service line. Whether it's a heartfelt thank-you note, a kind gesture, or simply acknowledging their hard work, let's ensure that the spirit of gratitude extends to those who contribute to the joy and warmth of our nutrition programs as well as our Thanksgiving gatherings. After all, a feast shared in gratitude is truly a feast enjoyed to the fullest.

Happy Thanksgiving from Pisanick Partners

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