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BREAK the FAST during NSBW!

Has anyone ever told you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Ever wonder why that is?

Think about it - you are BREAKing the FAST that happened while you were sleeping. An early morning breakfast might be the first thing you’ve eaten in 10-12 hours, depending on when you went to bed & any post-dinner snack you may have eaten. It’s no wonder you’re a little groggy when you wake up - your body literally hasn’t had any fuel all night! Breakfast is especially critical for our students as they grow, develop & learn. Simply put - you can’t learn if you’re hungry.

All too often, kids & adults alike are grabbing something quick, if anything, as they rush out the door in the morning. Most “quick & easy” breakfasts are glamorized candy bars disguised as hearty granola bars, artificially flavored fruit snacks & juices, and severely lacking in protein, leaving the consumer hungry and dissatisfied within an hour.

March 8-12 is National School Breakfast Week and we wanted to give you some Simple Swaps that are better for you AND will keep you fuller, longer throughout the morning by providing a good balance of whole grains, healthy fats, and protein:

Bonus Breakfast Tips:

  • Adding fat or protein sources to your breakfast will help keep you satisfied vs. carbs alone.

  • Try to eat whole fruit rather than juices - you get more vitamins, minerals and fiber

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